Suspended Licenses

Driving a car while your license is suspended is risky business in California, which in recent years has taken some aggressive steps to toughen up its auto-related laws.

Laws that apply to drunk driving, or DUI, have been strengthened. State law also calls for immediate revocation of a driver’s license for many charges related to drug or weapon possession. And if you’re out driving after you’ve already been convicted for driving with a suspended license and get caught, your car will be impounded, even possibly sold by the state.

One of the basic laws that applies to driving with a suspended license is SB 1758. The law calls for your car to be impounded for 30 days if you are driving without a valid license. That doesn’t mean you just don’t happen to have your license on you. While you should always carry your license, in such cases the officer who pulls you over may be able to verify that you have a valid license. If that’s the case, your car will not be impounded. If verification is not available, however, your car may be impounded – and you will have three days to produce a valid license. Even that can be an expensive proposition, in light of administrative fees, towing fees (often exceeding $100), and daily storage fees.

And don’t even think about lending your car to someone without a valid license. Doing so can subject you to a misdemeanor charge and a minimum fine of $300.

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